Log Parser Plus example query

Average bandwidth per second by half hour

Returns the average bandwidth, as KBytes per second, broken into 30 minute blocks.
  • iisw3c
logparser -i:iis "SELECT TO_LOCALTIME(QUANTIZE(time, 1800)) as HalfHour, ADD(SCKBytesSec, CSKBytesSec) as KBytesSec USING DIV(DIV(MUL(1.0, SUM(sc-bytes)), 1024), 1800) as SCKbytesSec, DIV(DIV(MUL(1.0, SUM(cs-bytes)), 1024), 1800) as CSKBytesSec INTO AvgKBytesPerSec.txt FROM *ex1106*.log GROUP BY HalfHour ORDER BY HalfHour ASC"
Notes: Query written and provided by Chevis L. Nelson (drcheeves [at] yahoo.com). Leave a comment on this query.

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