How to enable Log Parser chart export with Office 2007/2010

Added 6/26/2011 7:30:12 PM and updated 6/29/2011 11:39:34 AM

Microsoft Office Web Components are required for charts to be export with Log Parser. Unfortunately, they are no longer included with Office 2007+.

Log Parser includes functionality to export data to charts by using -o:chart as a parameter.

However, if you’re currently using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, you may not have the components necessary to output charts. Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued the Office Web Components (OWC) in Office 2007, and, from what I can tell, have no Log Parser-friendly replacements as of yet.

Fortunately the Office 2003 Web Components are available for download direct from Microsoft.

Download the Office 2003 Web Components.

According to the overview:

If you do not own an Office 2003 license, the Office Web Components are licensed to be used in static, non-interactive, client-side, view-only mode. If you do own an Office 2003 license, the Office Web Components are licensed to be used in interactive mode.

I’m not a lawyer, and still have my legit copy of Office 2003, but it would appear that one could install these for the purposes of generating charts with Log Parser as part of that functionality. But …

As of July 2011, after installing the components on a Windows 7 machine, with updates being checked for other Microsoft products, you can expect to be alerted to approximately 5 security updates that you’ll need to install. None required a reboot on my machine.

Once that’s done you can begin generating charts with Log Parser.

Article provided by James Skemp.

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